Escutei algo que me chocou muito

2021.09.20 03:16 Rickitochiquito Escutei algo que me chocou muito

Coé, meu pai que é vascaíno falou que se eu quisesse torcer pro Flamengo nem decepcionado ele ficaria, pq o Vasco até já o cansou... krl, o que esse time fez com a sanidade do meu pai... pqp.
Contexto: eu disse que se o mundial de clubes fosse aqui no RJ que eu iria mesmo se o Flamengo fosse campeao e entrasse como representante do país sede, já que o da Comenbol seria o Barcelona-ECU, pela regra do mundial. Briquei dizendo que a galera flamenguista iria encher o saco pra eu ir e me fariam cantar na arquibancada... esperava que ele ficasse puto, mas até ele desistiu....
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2021.09.20 03:16 sci3ntific12 IMO, the next canon MCC is gonna be an epic S teir showdown

Orange winning not only gave False her 3rd win, and Grian and SB737 their first wins, but also gave PeteZahHutt his fourth win. Which means that if Dream, HBomb and PeteZahHutt compete in the next MCC, the stakes will be higher, because if one of them wins, they become the first 5th time winner, and they'll get the special medal. Idk about anyone else, but to me, that's extremely hype. 'The battle of S Teirs'.
Personally, I'm backing Dream (not that I'm not backing anyone else) but I'm interested to see who you guys are backing
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2021.09.20 03:16 FighterAtHeart24 To find a friend

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2021.09.20 03:16 Inevitable_Account82 Any mcpe shaders that provide a crt-like filter?

I have a shader that makes the colors pixilated like doom, and it’s almost believable except it’s a little too smooth. Basically, it’s not chunky enough! The colors are totally crusty enough, now I just need a filter to make it look chunky, look at the 3ds edition, for example.
Not doing this for performance, just aesthetic
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2021.09.20 03:16 half881 Putting walls up and bringing them down to get let down?

A couple weeks ago walked out my job (getting bullied, willful complacency from mgmt/hr, unresolved and continuing harassment) with no plan but the place broke me mentally, I don't know what happened to be honest. Everything just went up like security doors in a bank. Couldn't reply to friends/colleagues when they asked what was up. One I'm close with kinda started getting frustrated with me and all I could say is that 'I don't know what to say, I had no words.' and it was the honest truth.
I just don't know what's going on with me. Sims been out the phone, only going to the shop if completely necessary and when it's dark something has snapped in me. I know the right thing to do is phone the GP but I wont cos it's take your pills and listen/touch stuff which doesn't really cut it with me so that just seems like a dead end. Occ health are phoning me on tuesday which should be interesting once I unload everything on them so not really looking forward to that but kinda am because work has seriously let me down big style. I'm fairly certain I could win a case against them. I'm down as unauthorised absence but they can sack me I'm really not interested or about to gain any interest. Self destruct mode.
Anyway, it's all like that just now but something I've noticed is how quiet my phone is. I got in touch with that close friend and I was like can I come for coffee and she said yes I'll text you when you can come round but she ended up going out with her parents for lunch because she got a new job so I was kinda left hanging. The selfish side of me is saying yo im suicidal mate that kinda sucks what you did but also she's got a new job and she's excited so fair play to her but I feel like such a dick for thinking like this. Kinda see it as petty revenge because I was ignoring her texts but that just makes me a shitty friend/person. I've just got nowhere to turn and I dont know what to do. Even right now I'm writing this debating if I should just ctrl x it because who cares really. I must be an awful person. It probably sounds like I'm not taking resposibility for being distant with people but I am, I know I didn't deserve the coffee because of that but it's kinda hurting all the same.
Plus everything else that's wrong aswell its gotten too much lately.
I'm just...if someone has been in a similar situation or has felt like this, like something happens and you just throw your hands up in the air with no regard for the consequences I don't really know what happened. Like I'm feeling really weird, I don't want to say too much in case I'm judged for it.... I don't know sometimes it helps knowing other people have gone through similar things and hearing their experience, I guess this is what I'm after if you don't mind. It's just a bundle of everything and I am extremely overwhelmed just now. I'm meant to be a 40 year old man lmao.
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2021.09.20 03:16 BobbyFan54 A Theory on Dr. Robert Leeds

I’ve had this discussion on several posts about Dr. Leeds, and I thought it might be time to make a separate post about it.
Dr. Robert Leeds tends to be one of the more popular of the “exes,” especially out of Miranda’s dating experiences. Smart, educated, handsome, has a great job. All those things on paper pop out with Robert.
And the way he treated Miranda! Surprising her by having dinner ready. Buying little gifts for Brady. Encouraging her to take time off and enjoy her downtime.
But once they split, he took a massive “heel turn.” It was surprising, given what we knew/saw of him. It’s one thing to be “hurt” or “sore” after a split. But Robert took it next level.
The truth is, we don’t know a lot about Dr. Robert Leeds besides what’s on the surface. What we do know is how he reacted somewhat viciously to Miranda; a gross overreaction for a relationship that simply was not going to work.
My theory? Dr. Leeds is a malignant narcissist, and Miranda getting out was a great thing for her not just because she got back with Steve, but this would’ve been potentially an abusive situation for her. (Please note: I’m not sure if the writers would’ve gone into such heavy subject matter with her…but keep in mind these are fictional characters, and the character of Robert Leeds just rubs me in such a way in my having dealt with malignant narcissists who just present themselves in covert ways).
When we are introduced to Dr. Robert Leeds, he’s interviewing with the co-op board for an apartment in Miranda’s building. We know off the bat: he’s a doctor, he works for the Knicks, and he’s divorced with alimony payments (no mention of child support so I’m guessing no kids). We don’t hear anything about the “ex,” which I guess is fine. We are just concerned with his relationship with Miranda, and if it was a somewhat clean break, we don’t need to know.
And then we see how he reacts to Miranda’s getting back with Steve. As I mentioned, it’s far more than just a “this didn’t work out” reaction.
Why do I think Robert had the makings of a malignant narcissist? We’ll, it’s what we see in his own behavior, looking back and how they ended up.
1) he checks in on Miranda during her chicken pox diagnosis. He brings Brady little gifts. He even gifts Miranda with free Knicks tickets.
It seems like nice thoughtful guy stuff on the surface. But really he’s grooming her and showing her what a “nice guy” he is.
I spent seven years with a malignant narcissist and a pathological liar, a very difficult relationship to extricate myself from. Our start was EXACTLY like this! I didn’t see it because I was so used to seeing just outright a-holes show me who they were right away. Narcs are good at showing you who they are the first time…but you don’t believe them because it seems out of character.
2) he “love bombs” her. This is a stereotype narc move in a relationship, to set up this whole “I’m caring and thoughtful and will sweep you off your feet!”
They start seeing each other. He gives her Charity basketball tickets at Madison Square Garden. He surprises her by making enchiladas, and they start spending a lot of their free time together. He convinces her to take time off, something Miranda was never comfortable doing.
While it was probably presented as a “helpful” thing for her to disconnect, he sort of manipulated her out of her comfort zone.
As a busy professional single mom who really liked this on paper hot guy, it would be tough to see his “love bombing” attempts for what they were. I mean, what woman WOULDN’T appreciate a smart, handsome man surprising her with a homemade dinner?
3) telling her he loves her…on a cookie.
So despite the cringe factor, why couldn’t he just tell her to her freaking face? This sort of supports my theory that he’s probably emotionally stunted. We never hear him say anything about his ex - but I’d be willing to bet he cheated on her.
And who here didn’t think he had something going on with that cheerleader chick?!
But when he found Miranda, he’s seen her at a vulnerable spot (when she was sick), and as a professional single mom he could potentially lash out at. That’s what narcs do: they set it up so the partner is all like, “well he’s not USUALLY like this” and will write off bad behaviors because they’re normally a “sweet guy having an off day.” But it’s the theory of the frog in the boiling water - if they get in a pot that’s slowly boiling, they are cooking from the inside out and don’t realize it till too late.
Miranda was, as we know, still trying to move on from Steve. She wasn’t exactly honest with Robert, but I do feel she really liked him: she just didn’t love him. Any relationship where the parties are on a different wave length wouldn’t work either.
But not only saying “I Love You” on a cookie is…eh, major cringe (lol), but didn’t anyone think it was WAYYYYYY too early in the relationship? They didn’t go into timing, but I do think it was fairly quick or they wanted to give us the idea it did. Anyhoo, he was hoping she’d be so shocked she’d blurt it back out. But that’s why it happened: she didn’t love him. And newsflash: I don’t think he loved her either. He just wanted power over her.

  1. The breakup. Oy vey. This is the cherry on top of the Narc Sundae lol. I don’t except Robert to be “happy” that Miranda dumped him and to take a step further, dumped him to get back with Steve. Honestly she should’ve never been involved with him at all.
I understand the awkwardness of being in the same building as an ex, and seeing them with someone else. its not "pleasant." But Robert went SCORCHED EARTH and went out of his way to make Miranda uncomfortable.
BUT! his whole confrontation with her in the stairwell. TOTAL DOMINATION PLAY. Narcs want things to end on their own terms, typically after they've broken someones spirit. he didnt want Miranda back - its evident he "moved on" by telling her he loved her (ON A COOKIE!!!) but then getting over her by having a threesome with some model types. this wasnt a guy nursing a broken heart: he was now being true to himself.
Also a little background on myself: I’m not a psychologist or have any background in psychology; I have a family full of “narcs,” and it’s problematic to spot them in the wild because they are VERY good at hiding who they are and manipulating every situation to their advantage. That’s why me, who considers herself a “Miranda” (educated, cynical, low threshold for BS) fell for one and spent seven years in a soul destroying relationship with one. I’m able to draw from my own experiences with them, and being somewhat of a “super fan” of SATC (I’m sure there are bigger fans out there lol I’m not saying I’m THE “Super Fan”).
Over the years, while I find Blair Underwood to be a handsome man and incredible actor, he’s able to pull off the nuances of a narc who hasn’t full revealed himself to someone… he couldn’t stand she had gotten herself out of his abusing grasp.
So in conclusion, Miranda dodged a bullet with him.
If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading!
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2021.09.20 03:16 Luhboydae J2badd, Itsariana, Kennbrazy, Ebkrhed, etc… DM ME💰💰

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2021.09.20 03:16 achambers78 A simple spell but quite unbreakable...

A simple spell but quite unbreakable...
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2021.09.20 03:16 princess_suds Recommend law schools for me?

Hi everyone I’m having a hard time with choosing where to apply, I have a list but I want an unbiased opinion from strangers haha. I’m KJD, 4.0, 156, nUMR, and graduating a year early. I have relatively average “softs”. I know about the online calculators and stuff like that but if you were me, where would you apply and why? I’m interested in criminal law specificity in regards to juveniles and possibly family law! I prefer west coast and obviously ABA approved schools! Thanks!
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2021.09.20 03:16 Human-7564 BOOKS OF DOOM: MOVIE

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2021.09.20 03:16 disavowed1979 my etsy knife

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2021.09.20 03:16 tradingbiker Earnings 9/20/21-9/24/21

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2021.09.20 03:16 jnnbnntt Natalie:

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2021.09.20 03:16 Lizardheart157176 Dragonsheep's full form

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2021.09.20 03:16 42words I AM BEING CENSORED FOR MY OPINIONS 😤

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2021.09.20 03:16 Biengo New thermos. New homie. (Aquaman bc water… get it)

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2021.09.20 03:16 yungeesa Drake in paradis

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2021.09.20 03:16 Lanky_Dog_9871 NA Tier 4 LF JG

IGN: EoS Sovereign
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2021.09.20 03:16 BIG-Z-2001 Ever wonder what the first 4 Final girls look like now?

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2021.09.20 03:16 m33333m0ry Monetization Requires 2-Step Verification - Remains Blue After Enabled

As title says. I enabled the 2-step verification, but the icon remains in blue and not in green, as if the step isn't completed yet. Does anyone else have the same experience?
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2021.09.20 03:16 suburban-home Found a few species around my yard in Ontario after some late summer rains. Could be Lawnmowers?

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2021.09.20 03:16 redadidasjumpsuit Build a bucket and grow like me. Blue Dream by Humboldt, cheap lights, cheap soil, FF nutes.

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2021.09.20 03:16 Current-Dot7908 Science of the Sound Bar

Coming soon: documentary detailing Mr Trashcan’s subtle and serpentine sounds
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2021.09.20 03:16 begrudged Courtney Hadwin on Twitter - teaser of a new song "Keep the Monsters Away"

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2021.09.20 03:16 Itseesyou Mirror Man Origins - I Survived The Dungeon (and All I Got Was Scarred)

The Mirror Never Lies
Most kids, like me, hear a lot of stories and urban legends growing up. They’re fun to pass around at slumber parties to scare each other and even more fun to perpetuate. If you bother taking the time to look one up these days and trace it to its root, you’ll find out that a lot of them contain random threads of truth. Just enough threads to make them plausible and difficult to entirely refute.
Usually, the story starts in a similar fashion…
Something like, “My cousin’s, girlfriend’s, brother told me about this strange paranormal game that killed a bunch of people where he grew up.”
Or maybe, “My father’s, brother’s, nephew’s, cousin’s, former roommate told me about a series of murders that happened where they worked.”
So, why am I telling you all this? It’s because I need you to understand how these things work; how urban legends are born. Stories you hear and pass around were real for someone, at some point, in some way. Lives could have been ruined or changed forever, meanwhile, you’re laughing with your friends in front of a mirror calling out for Bloody Mary or Candyman.
Not to disappoint you right away, but this ISN’T a story I heard from some far-removed source. It happened to me, 15 years ago. Sure, people have telephoned it to death, but it’s not a popular story outside of where I live, so it’s unlikely you’ve heard it before.
Back then, I worked at a famous Ohio haunt. It’s still a fairly popular place around here, so I’m not going to tell you the name of it. For the sake of the story, I’ll just refer to it as “The Dungeon.” I’m also not going to give you any names, because a lot of people were affected by this besides me. I don’t want to out anyone’s situation that hasn’t been vocal about it or give you any avenue to stalk them. I’m getting this out for MY sake. To help myself move on, and to keep something like this from happening again. At best, all you’re gonna get is a nickname that describes their position or something.
It truly was a great place to work, and I pretty much loved the people I worked with. The owner is a hell of a guy that’s always kind and wants to see the best in people.” He would even dress up in character and roam the haunt to lift morale and entertain the customers to make sure we could rest between groups on overly busy nights.
On the downside, wanting to see the best in people sometimes meant that things went sideways now and then. I was one of those things, so were a few other girls there. This was because the manager for the actors was a handsy little twat that always seemed to be able to tell you exactly what you wanted to hear. No matter what he did to you or how much you knew better, there was just something inexplicable about him that made you believe you were the only one for him.
By opening night, a few hours before we let the customers in, I was devastated. I found out that I was, in fact, NOT the only one for him. It turns out there were seven of us in total. He was sleeping with all of us at the same time while lying to us about the others. When it all came out some of the other staff were behind us completely. Even the owner did what he could to protect us from the situation and lend his ear to us if we needed it.
He raked the guy over the coals about it and threatened to fire him if it continued, but he never actually fired him even though it did continue. He just got smarter with his targets and kept things quiet for a while. It didn’t help that his co-manager was one of those girls, and unfortunately also started covering everything up because she’d become obsessed with him.
Overall, working at The Dungeon was amazing. We scared people half to death, showed our costumes off to the kids, and played little games with them when they went through. We even had the occasional after-hours party or get-togethers throughout the week. Everything we did, we did it as a family. If you’ve ever worked at a haunted attraction, you know what I’m talking about.
One of the things we did at these little events, besides playing cards against humanity and getting a buzz on, was play games IN the haunt. Our favorite one was actually playing hide and seek throughout the attraction. It might seem silly to think about inebriated grown-ass people running around playing hide and go seek at all but let me tell you there is nothing like it.
We would turn every light and sound off in the place and get to hiding. For some reason, only one person ever did the finding and eventually, it just became a time trial to see how long it would take for him to find us. I don’t know how, but he could find you anywhere, no matter where you hid. We would contort our bodies to fit into places, hide in the ceiling panels, and even try to cheat and hide in one of the offices. Nothing mattered, he somehow always found you. Being hunted like that, by someone with that kind of skill… Add on the creepy-ass environment it was happening in…There was nothing like it. It was thrilling and terrifying all at once.
The owner had never joined us but had given our seeker a copy of the key and permission to “keep up morale” within reason. Seeker was the one who organized our little get-togethers. He was a single father. A kind guy that always had some advice and encouragement to give you, and always made sure to thank everyone that worked there every night even though he wasn’t a manager or anything. I’m explaining this so you understand how safe this was, and how even though you knew how safe it was it sure as hell didn’t feel that way.
Before one of our hide and seek sessions, he said he wanted to try something a little different. He was big into paranormal games and such and was always telling us about new ones he wanted to try. We’d played the midnight game and a number of others before, so we were all interested. I don’t remember the name of it, but the rules were fairly simple. He said it was part Bloody Mary (or Candyman if you prefer) and a childhood horror version of tag called ghosts in the graveyard.
Each person had to do a little ritual in front of an old creepy mirror in one of our backrooms before we went out and hid. All I really remember about it is that I had to light a candle and invoke some spirit named Mirror Man by saying his name a few times and telling him it was time to show us some truth about ourselves.
We were told that if the ritual worked, we would see someone following us through the haunt. You would see the figure just out of your peripheral vision or always moving quickly around a corner just ahead of you. Once you were hidden, he would wait fifteen minutes and come find you to show you what you asked for.
This became a HUGE hit at the haunt. It added an even creepier element to the game, not that it needed one. The game then came about finding a way to outsmart our genius seeker long enough to see the mirror man. It was a big place, but we never had more than 7 or 8 people playing besides the seeker for the most part. Games didn’t always even last to the fifteen-minute mark. When they did, someone would inevitably make up some story about having seen the mirror man.
I don’t know if anyone ever really saw him, but that didn’t even matter. It added to the legend and made the game legendary among those in the know. The downside is that your mind would play tricks on you in the dark, and even when all the main lights were up and you were working on something, or the haunt was open to the public, your brain would still think it saw something move into the next scene ahead of you or catch the figure from the corner of your eye.
One night, we had a special party with more people than usual. Word had somehow gotten around to the managers. At this point, I’ll call them Handsy and Miss Codependent for sake of ease. Handsy decided it was time they and a few of their “yes men” join in the fun they’d heard so much about and as management, we obviously couldn’t deny them.
As “one of his girls” I almost didn’t show up. What changed my mind was a phone call from Seeker. He was asking all the girls to show up. He said that it would be a show of solidarity among the victims and would hopefully make the handsy manager and his friends uncomfortable enough to leave early. He also added that if it didn’t, Handsy would still be outnumbered by the people that knew the truth; it would be a different kind of victory; a moral one.
I gave in and agreed to show up. I was sad to see that Seeker’s daughter had been unable to make it, but Seeker told me she wasn't feeling all that well and sent us her love.
Things went as usual for the most part; we drank and played some cards. If you know anything about cards against humanity, you know that you can literally torture people mentally through the cards that were played on the person in charge of reading them each round. Every time Handsy or Miss Codependent’s turn would come up, they’d have to read cards about relationships, his lack of sexual prowess, her inability to think for herself, and any number of terrible things we came up with to torment them. Seeker even brought an official blank deck of cards and a few markers. I’m sure you can imagine how quickly that got out of hand.
After some arguments and the occasional threat, we stopped playing cards sooner than we usually did. Some people were just delicate flowers with no sense of self-humor. On the bright side, it gave us the time to play a few extra rounds of what we had now taken to calling “Haunt and Seek.”
We all went through the familiar ritual and took off into the attraction to find our hiding places. As usual, our seeker waited until everyone had taken their turn alone with the mirror in the backroom and scattered before getting started. He always gave us a 10-minute buffer to give us time to get hidden. It was only fair that he received a handicap after all.
This time I hid under the swirling vortex. If you’ve never seen one or didn’t know what it was called, it’s basically a black tunnel with odd lights that spins around you as you walk down a narrow, upraised walkway with rails. There was a spot I’d discovered while working one day where you could put your back against the partial wall beneath the tunnel, and your lower half stretched out of sight. You could see where people were coming from and going, but with the way it was positioned, no one could actually see you.
As usual, I had that sense of being watched. I was confident that tonight was the night that I would either finally see the mirror man, or last long enough to make up a story about it to help keep the fun going. I was good with it either way.
Since I was the first one out of the backroom and the tunnel was in a big central area, I saw just about everyone stumble through on their way to hide. I couldn’t help but notice that Handsy, Miss Codependent and their Yes Men seemed to be waaaaay more hosed than everyone else. The more of them I saw, the more I began to worry that something bad could happen to them or because of them. Being THAT hosed in a place like this could be dangerous if you didn’t have your senses about you to some degree...
I was just about to crawl out of my spot and let the seeker know when I heard him yell the words, “I’m coming for you Barbaaraaa!” It was Seeker’s way to let us know the game was afoot. I shifted back into place quickly, hoping for the best. Tonight would be my night and I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin it!
Actually, getting to watch our seeker hunt our group was breathtaking. Each movement he took was precise. He walked like those slashers from the ‘80s, with long silent steps, finding people before they even knew he was near them. It sent a chill down my spine.
I assumed he would eliminate Handsy’s crew first (we sometimes had this game where someone would challenge him to find them first and somehow, he had never failed). That way we could all get to the real game without the outsiders ruining the fun. I was shocked to see him go for everyone else first.
I guess I must have stumped the master though because although he was near me a few times, he ended up going for Handsy and his crew next. When I say he went after them, I mean he went after them. It was when he found the first of them that I knew something had gone terribly wrong.
He yanked Yes Man #1 from the floor onto his feet from a spot in the graveyard. He said something that I couldn’t quite hear before stabbing him in the abdomen multiple times and stuffing his body into the faux mausoleum. I was frozen in place, trying to quietly wedge myself a little further under the tunnel, my screams dying on my lips as I all but willed him not to find me.
The next Yes Man he found was in the bathroom scene. It was meant to mimic that scene from the original Nightmare on Elm Street scene with Nancy and Freddy’s glove in the tub. We had plexiglass installed that water ran through to make it seem as if the tub was filled. With the right lighting and fog, it looked real enough.
After again saying something I couldn’t hear (and honestly didn’t ever want to) Seeker broke one of the large pieces of plexiglass and the tub actually filled with water in a quick rush. He held Yes Man #2 under the water till he stopped struggling. When he was dead, Seeker put a piece of plywood over the tub and moved on.
I slid my phone from my pocket and held down a button. I nearly lost control of my bladder as the opening tone sounded, signifying that it was powering on. I stuck it in the pocket of my hoodie and gathered loose fabric around it to muffle the sound. I saw Seeker pause for a second, smile to himself, and walk right past my hiding place. Tears slid down my face as I realized he now knew exactly where I was.
He didn’t come back for me though. At this point I just wanted him to kill me and get it over with. Instead, it seemed to be a game of cat and mouse. I had suddenly become the final girl in a horror film without the benefit of likely surviving at the end. I couldn’t wiggle my fat ass out from under here easily, and sure as hell couldn’t outrun him.
His next victim was Miss Codependent. She’d also been hiding in a position to see a little of what was happening but from the morgue scene. It wasn't as well hidden as mine, more of a hide in plain sight situation which was visible but didn’t seem big enough that someone could even hide in it. That in turn made your brain and eyes somehow overlook it. It sounds weird but it’s actually a haunt technique that works better than you can imagine. Unfortunately for her, it clearly didn’t work on our seeker.
She gave more of a struggle than the others, managing to stab him with a box knife she must have grabbed from the hidden partitions. These little spots were in most scenes and usually held water for the actors in that area, or tools needed to fix something within the scene if something broke.
I watched as her arm flailed wildly, slicing the left side of his face by random chance alone. He didn’t move, he didn’t cry out in pain. He just stood there and tilted his head to the side slightly. Before I knew it, he said something I still couldn’t make out and grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head. He repeatedly slammed her face into the large metal slab in the center of the scene until it was ruined. I could hear the cartilage and frontal bones cracking before her limp body hit the floor. Seeker opened one of the body drawers against the wall and carefully slid her into it, closing it once he had her in place.
Finally remembering the phone in my hand, I quickly dialed 911 but didn’t say a word when the operator answered. I had once seen some movie or tv show, can’t remember which, where a person in distress did the same thing. They ended up sending an officer to investigate the situation because there was supposed to be some rule about investigating all calls. I had no idea if that was even true, but I sure as hell hoped it was. Even though I was pretty sure he knew where I was hiding, I was praying that not calling attention to myself would save me somehow.
I shifted my attention back in time to see Seeker heading my way. Just before he reached the opposite end of the tunnel I was hiding under, he shifted direction to the funeral home scene. He yanked a lid from one of the coffins and stared down into it. He was close enough this time that I could see his face and hear him breathing.
I knew he’d found Handsy at the time because I could hear his voice drunkenly bitching about how Seeker better not have broken the lid or he’d be forced to pay to replace it if not outright fired. His words were slurred all to hell and he clearly had no idea what was happening.
This time, when Seeker spoke, I could hear him. Suddenly everything made sense in some twisted way. He told Handsy his truth, just like the mirror man was supposed to do from our game.
“I know what you did to my daughter and how you had your friends cover it up. She committed suicide today. Unfortunately for all of you, she left a note."
At that point, Seeker pulled a flask out of his pocket and emptied its contents all over Handsy and the coffin he was desperately trying to pull himself out of. From his other pocket, he produced a pack of matches.
“Your truth is that you are incapable of being a better person. You surround yourself with yes men to validate even your most damaging life choices. Your burning desire to be the most important thing in every room you walk into has poisoned you and everything you touch.”
With the simplest action, a quick flick of his wrist, a match was lit and tossed into the coffin. I could smell Handsy’s flesh burn as he squealed for someone to save him. The squeals turned to choking sobs as black smoke filled his lungs before the sound was overpowered by the crackling of the coals.
Seeker turned and walked in my direction. I saw the anguish on his face. There was something in his eyes, not regret, no, but a look of resignation. He smiled at me sadly and left. He just…left.
I crawled as fast as I could. My short legs fought desperately to propel my fat ass out from underneath the tunnel. The second I cleared the tunnel; I ran out of the attraction to the main office. I saw him enter the backroom where we kept the game mirror and heard the click of the lock. The main office door flew open, and I was quickly pulled inside.
Everyone else had survived the ordeal. Each of the people he had found before the murders were told to go to the office and lock the door. They all thought that there was going to be some kind of prank or fight to get back at Handsy and the others for what they had done. No one knew what had actually happened, or why for that matter.
I barely let them speak before shouting for them to call the police, now. In a panic I rushed through what had happened so quickly they could barely understand what I was saying. A fire alarm went off inside the building, cutting off my second attempt, and we all fled outside and waited for the fire department to arrive. At that point, I was the only person that knew Seeker still had himself locked in the backroom.
Eventually, I was able to tell everyone what had happened, including the police officer that had shown up at the scene. The desperate call I’d made to 911 had been noted, but it wasn’t until the fire alarm went off that they took what they thought might have been a prank call seriously.
Thanks to the state-of-the-art fire alarm the owner insisted on putting into the building, the fire was put out easily and all the bodies were found intact except for Handsy’s. They had to use dental records to properly identify him. Other than the funeral home scene and a little smoke damage in the scenes near it, the attraction itself was also fine.
There was only one thing still in the backroom when the fire department broke down the door. Before you take a guess and end up wrong, no, it wasn’t Seeker. Somehow, in a concrete room, with no other possible exits, he had disappeared. The only thing there was that old mirror we’d stood in front of before every session of our game…
Last week I heard a story about the mirror from my younger cousin’s, boyfriend’s, sister. It was about someone called the mirror man. They say that if you follow a certain ritual before a game of hide and seek, the mirror man will find you
Each person has to do a little ritual in front of a full-length mirror before a game of hide and seek begins. They have to light a candle and invoke some spirit named the Mirror Man by saying his name a few times and telling him it was time to show them some truth about themselves.
I was told that if the ritual worked, a person would see someone following them. You would see the figure just out of your peripheral vision or always moving quickly around a corner just ahead of you. Once you were hidden, he would wait fifteen minutes and come find you to show you what you asked for.
I’m not ashamed to admit that I tried it by myself tonight. I didn’t play hide and seek with myself, but I stood in front of my full-length bathroom mirror, lit a candle, and said Mirror Man three times.
I stood there for 15 minutes and as I expected, nothing happened. I turned on the light and went about the rest of my evening.
All too often, people create their own monsters… Their own legends. Every action and decision you make has a consequence, good or bad.
Part of me likes to think that Seeker is still out there, dishing out punishment and maybe even saving lives in some way, while the rest of me hopes he’s at peace somehow. As a parent myself these days, I can’t imagine anything I wouldn't do to someone that hurt my little girl.
While all urban legends contain a shred of truth, not all truths are worth repeating. No, some things are better left to the dead.
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