Renato Gaúcho

2021.09.20 03:34 Rayrrgames Renato Gaúcho

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2021.09.20 03:34 D1rkGT Was going my daily quest and found the Preliminary Investigation..

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2021.09.20 03:34 MumsSecondFavourite (PS5) NBA 2k22 crashes on startup and I have tried everything to fix it

Every time I open the game I get error CE-108255-1. I have reinstalled the game, rebuilt the database, cleared cache and reset my PS5 and it still crashes. I’ve tried with both PS versions on my PS5 and both crash. I’m really desperate as I’ve spent a lot of money on this game. Thank you :)
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2021.09.20 03:34 Da_boss_babie360 Kenobi's of Reddit, What was the most savage "Hello There" moment you have experienced or done?

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2021.09.20 03:34 dr_rendezvous Inspired by this game I now have my own Tabitha (tabby/ tortie mix) 🥰

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2021.09.20 03:34 anonaccountcuzican Does anyone else go through “drought” periods on dating apps?

I’m on Bumble and Hinge, and not too long ago I was at 50+ likes on the former and would have ten active conversations on the latter.
Now any “like” I send on Hinge goes unanswered, and the ONE conversation I had, the guy just stopped responding. 🙃
And in Bumble (for the first time) I only have about 10 dudes in my beeline constantly, whereas I’ve always had 50+ guys for the few years I’ve used the app. And I’m not getting any matches on Bumble either.
Like basically it’s a literal drought for me rn. I’m a girl in her mid 20s btw.
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2021.09.20 03:34 Fimmtly Help with return to form trophy and pure white tendency

Hi sun bros,
I'm trying to get pure white tendency to get a ring. I was camping the Ivory Tower for almost 3 hours so I can kill two birds with one stone by getting the white tendency and getting the return to form trophy. I only got summoned as a black phantom. Any sun bros willing to help me help them kill a boss or someone to invade me and let me kill them?
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2021.09.20 03:34 LamboE007 Where I enjoy all my races. It’s my so called ‘office’.

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2021.09.20 03:34 Martydude15 Forewarned is SCARY.

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2021.09.20 03:34 thak Re-playing vanilla and it's soooo slow

Any easy mods to speed things up? These ridiculous delays where nothing is happening are killing me. I last played 3 years ago. There's gotta be something besides one of the total conversions that can fix this. I've disabled all animations and enabled the built-in speed mode but it's still really slow.
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2021.09.20 03:34 Skeump How to get a girlfriend

Step one: find someone who actually likes you
I havent gotten past step one yet so I don't know the rest sorry bro
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2021.09.20 03:34 Novel_Assumption1272 Friends needed to grow my exp

1570 5291 9497 My code is there .need some friends plz.
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2021.09.20 03:34 OkHoliday6603 Headaches. I recently started adding powder turmeric to my diet and I’ve had a headache for days that will not go away. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s the only thing I’ve changed in my diet/life.

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2021.09.20 03:34 charlesdv10 Cathedral Basilica of Sacred Heart, Branch Book Park, Newark NJ. Some camera trickery, but all done in camera (no photoshop etc). Nikon Z6 + Z35mm, F1.8s, @ f1.8, 1/8000 sec, iso 125 and a Moment Cinebloom 20% filter

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2021.09.20 03:34 sourko How realistic is 12 month, non-sept 1st lease in Cambridge?

First time looking for a place outside of Quincy. We are looking to move into an apartment around Central in Nov. Looking at the application and the lease is for 10 months, which would kick us out on Aug 31st. We are looking for a November move in date because our current situation in Quincy is flexible and we wanted to avoid getting caught up in the Sept 1st craziness. The 10 month lease is a bummer. Despite being able to avoid it this year, it's not the situation I'd like to be in next year.
If I want to live around Central is this the reality? Even looking in the off peak season?
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2021.09.20 03:34 WrestleNova Ricky Starks Makes It Clear He's An AEW Homegrown Talent, MJF Note, Cody Rhodes On "A Shot Of Brandi"

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2021.09.20 03:34 Playful-Ostrich3643 Dragon maid car, turns into giant mechanical dragon mount, +80 speed, deals +200 fire damage, +180 aerial speed

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2021.09.20 03:34 Snoo_49201 I made edit of a image from deviantartist called OGHalienGTS

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2021.09.20 03:34 spectre15 Never thought I would ever be in a philosophy reading session on Destiny 2 LFG before but it made my night lmao.

For context, I was minding my own business on D2 LFG and I saw a post asking for 15 people to listen to him reading his philosophy book for an essay. I joined thinking it was a joke and now I’m learning things. People are asking questions occasionally and it’s educational. This community is something else.
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2021.09.20 03:34 SaulKD U.S. Begins Flying Haitian Migrants Home From Texas

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2021.09.20 03:34 WrestleNova Adam Cole & Britt Baker Get Into Twitter Exchange After Baker Shares Photo Of Herself Hugging Tony Schiavone

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2021.09.20 03:34 Z4C18 Anyone got a Spotify playlist of their favourite songs they’d recommend?

I’m trying to find some new songs, I prefer boy groups mainly.
Any suggestions I’m glad to hear.
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2021.09.20 03:34 obosneaker Nike Dunk Low Retro "Varsity Green", this is a pair of youthful color matching shoes--onebyonemall

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2021.09.20 03:34 joifullnoyses Hopefully starting this week!

I did C25k a few years ago and it got me running for about a year. I took a nasty fall and it kinda turned me off to running.
Well, I had a baby about 7 weeks ago, and as long as my doctor says it’s ok, I’m going to start again this week! I’m already walking pretty far, so I’m hoping he’ll allow me to start running, especially since I’m not just going straight to running for 30 minutes.
I just ordered everything I need, and I should receive it Tuesday. I can’t wait!!
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2021.09.20 03:34 FraserBrendanInMummy Why is data so damn valuable?

Seems to be a lot of fuss over data that ends up determining if I get ads for Walmart or for target. Especially when an ad blocker can mostly nullify the advertisement possibilities of this valuable data.
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