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2021.09.20 05:03 a-man-with-a-hat- Back on the horse

So I took nofap very seriously for a long time , I really knew what my problem was. I know you people may or may not be religious. I’m not religious anymore but to put it simply my biggest problem was lust. I wasn’t sleeping good at night because I was spending hours on porn a night an multiple times a night. I developed a depression because of nofap. Let’s be honest, pornography is one of the worst addictions out there. Everyone says drugs and drinks and gambling is bad. They all are , but pornography ruined my life , and I’ve seen plenty of post on here about how it had ruined other people’s lives too.
So I started my journey, I would not fap for 90 days , I took it seriously, and when I reached 90 days I felt amazing , I felt like I had removed the seed of lust that was inside of me
I went for 10 months before I relapse again. I got a girlfriend, we had sex , but my strong will and self control eroded. Then I relapsed after 10 months, I haven’t gone instantly back to porn , but I have been relapsing about once every month or so.
I need to get back on the horse, I will remember what horrible things my addiction has caused me. I will go 90 days , that is my standing goal. When I reach that I will go further. This isn’t about numbers , this is about living a better life. The numbers will help measure our progress, but my goal is to become lust free again. To live a better life.
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2021.09.20 05:03 Smooth-Program [OFFER] Virtual assistant for $3/hour

Why do I need a virtual assistant?
A virtual assistant ave you all the hassle and headache of doing repetitive and mundane tasks, which will give you a lot of mental space to focus on the important things, and will also organize your work and thoughts, enabling you to have a clear plan of the steps necessary to reach a goal.
My skills:

So how do we do it exactly?
If you still don't have a clear idea on the tasks you will need a virtual assistant for, we can get on a Zoom call to identify your needs, then create our optimal workflow.
I take payment via PayPal.
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2021.09.20 05:03 Think_Situation_1227 Earth-1610 Spidey meets Tobey’s Spidey

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2021.09.20 05:03 introsort [Hiring] Job Application for Front-End Web Developer at Timescale (Timescale)

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2021.09.20 05:03 Hivemindtime2 In order what comic do I have to read to make transformers: revolution make sense?

I think I skipped a few
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2021.09.20 05:03 ISleepInTheAttic Make assumptions about me 17m, college/trade school student (Construction), from Surprise, AZ living in Topeka, KS , Italian-American, Catholic

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2021.09.20 05:03 Trindi [PSA] Something NEEDS to be done.

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2021.09.20 05:03 LethalLavaLamp Is this real?

Third time trying to upload this, reddit is just not taking the image and idk why. Is this real?
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2021.09.20 05:03 ihavetotinkle I left a girl hanging and i alwayy think what if...

Idk what the phrase is, but she shot her shot at me (brave girl) and i was flattered, but i just didnt answer.
She was cute, smart, cool chick. After a group project where we exchanged contact info, she texted me and shot her shot. I was flattered because that dont happen often to me(at all), and she was cute. But i was nervous. So i didnt answer. I planned to answer in class, but i didnt.
Every now and then, i wonder what if. Im in a better mindstate that if i saw or spoke to her, maybe id apologize and shoot my shot. But im just stuck with what if.
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2021.09.20 05:03 MementoAudio Come fall asleep with me [little to no talking stream]

Live now
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2021.09.20 05:03 introsort [Hiring] Software Engineer (.Net ASP) - CropIn (CropIn)

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2021.09.20 05:03 Salamandinay New skin: Nephilim, Heaven's Light

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2021.09.20 05:03 CfcMark19 Add us for gifts and daily raid invites

Gifts daily and invitations to raids 8392 7107 5573 & 8282 8328 8027
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2021.09.20 05:03 Fluffy_Celery7541 4K Pretty Girl In Bikini Haul 2021 Sun Bathing On Lounge | Micro Bikini

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2021.09.20 05:03 seeohenareayedee Another 25 ounces off the market. Couldn't say no at these prices! Got the random rounds from jm bullion. They keep smashing, I'll keep buying.

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2021.09.20 05:03 bucket832 What is the best song to make guests at your funeral uncomfortable?

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2021.09.20 05:03 stabbymagee Yellow/Chrome T1 Stubby Halo fighter with Box thruster. Eissentam

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2021.09.20 05:03 CleanMess29 An old friend of mine now seems distant and cold

I used to be good friends with a girl at my school, where we would talk in the morning, and spend time in the afternoon, walking and messing around as usual. Now, if I were to message her, or just try to start a conversation in a group chat, she would either not respond, or reply with "mhm". At one point, I made a simple joke, and she blew up at me telling me that im "irritating" and to "fuck off". Is there anything I should/can do to get back to how we were?
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2021.09.20 05:03 upcyclerefinery 半圓魚鱗形圖案牛皮地氈 #牛皮地氈

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2021.09.20 05:03 ewanelaborate Next stock pick deduction

Next stock pick deduction So Ive been blindly yoloing into some biotech's for the simple reason i believe the sector of shit listed in the asx is going to run, pretty.
Theres reasons for this other than finfeed's promos which heres a dot point formation.
  • People looks for quick fixes to disease rather then lead healthy lifestyle
  • The sector concentrates on takeover targets and is highly speculative giving unrealistic values to items that will never be successful
  • People loves a good biotech pick and most Australians are health literate due to education level.
  • It's relatively unaffected by macro circumstances. (no need to be check spot prices of viagra)
  • Its competitive and allows for more than one market leader in drug development of product.
Currently i have a position in ILA, i don't think this set to be the next pick right now rather theres two potential players that are building up to a potential cap raise that are associated with previous finfeed dealings, NI dealings and potential merchant funds investment.
They are NTI and MXC
The Deductions
Using a logical thought process and a bit of goggle, Ive come to the conclusion its either of these two stocks. what they do or their management isn't relevant for a trend trade in a retail driven market. Both management teams i personally don't trust. this sort of thing goes against my long term picks so im not in this for a long time but have a mental stop loss.
so heres potential reasons for NTI : directors have been buying on market

Its fuck all really but its usually a sign CR might come down the track on specs when small amounts are being bought to align with shareholders. Also some of the directors here don't have holdings in other companies they are directors in.
  • Andrew Chapman (head of merchant) has mentioned on the Chris Judd podcast he has his interest on NTI
  • It has a smaller market cap which is what NI love to be involved in for a pump.
  • Some speculation has occurred that merchant may be using a holding account under Citicorp nominees. There is a holder with 4.95 percent of stock that is avoiding a substantial holding notice which has changed from the latest update in top twenty
  • With cash burn on the latest 4E of over 7million, while trying to achieve god knows what, they have roughly 4 million left.. We all you know you can only get a 3 bedroom beach holiday house with that amount so they are going to have to raise soon.
  • NTI has also already been a feature on one of stocks digital's other platforms so theres previous history here. CBF checking what it was Wiseowl or something like that.

Speculation amongst people this is merchant. HC boomers.
MXC Reasons/ Deductions

Andrew on Linkedin liking their posts in the past few days. theres been a couple of these.
  • This company already has duel listing on the LSE and looks as thought its promoting pretty hard through stockhead articles. with similar cash burn to NTI they'll wanna raise soon and it appears the announcement today is attempting to ramp up the price in anticipation for a CR (maybe thats the reason for delaying the release date for the next biotech pick to the 30th this month.
  • Market cap is much higher around 100mill so its possibly not NI's cup of tea.
  • Theres no mention of merchant on the top 20 so its possible this is an entry point.
Ive mentioned ive been pretty busy latley so i cant really dig as much as i usually do. so happy to hear if you have any links that make MGC the preferred option here.
I also dont really give a fuck about what they do, im blindly gambling atm which is a bit reckless but i have a long term plan which is already in action.
I have no positions in these yet, but will try a cheeky T2 instead in the lead up to it all.
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2021.09.20 05:03 TheHopelessOne91 Why are the two numbers "69" and "420" so damn popular amongst immature internet trolls?

Not to sound hubristic or anything, but its because of me, isn't it? Anything fucked up in the world is my fault, right? Trump being a child, who uses ad hominems galore, and sadly... Biden seeming like a fucking creep. Thats my fault, isn't it? Even that inconceivable mind that I behave nothing at all alike: Heath Ledger's Joker.
It's all my fault in your eyes, isn't it? As if there isn't a shred of innocence in me. God uses Oascal's Gambit when he chooses to predetermined and to condemn. Cherry picking. Believing he is some super fucking omniscient mind that is just so very fucking perfect and infallible. Why? Because he's eternal. He can will a mind into existence. And he can use his will 5o open a space portal with a plan, a plan to see the future, and have it in his mind for omnipresence to 'expand or 'overflow' into that other time: the future. 3 decades in eternity is still just 3 decades. He just had a willing Groundhog Day. Experiencing 30 or so years multiple times simultaneously.
The will of another, the heart of another. It can't be known when God doesn't know he is the CAUSE of everything. And he says I deny blame for a reality that isn't my fault.
How is omnipresence visible? Without 4elying on clairvooyantly showing me that gray cloud at times, those 4 times, can you PROVE it? Nope. God fucks thoughts. He tries to. And he thinks he smoking out a badger. A sweet, harmless mouse his fire turned into a badger. A badger who knows he was just a badger. And nothing special.
What makes me so damn special, Colson and others ask? Nothing at all. I just so happened to be Chad. Some scared, crazy, nut job loser who stayed at home all the time. One who never spoke, unless spoken to. One who could no one cared. Someone who struggled and suffered everyday. With God always berating him and tearing him down. Realizing you had no purpose in the eyes of God, a God doesn't care to know the truth, really motivates one to get out of his shell. And try to have purpose.
I'm no nihilist. My heluefs were justified. They were based on emotions I didn't know why I felt them. Human emotion affected by living within a transcendental mind. Affecr. Emotion. This gateway beyond me, as myself, and this reality that is God, is what made me. God had more a say than he ever knew. But he thinks im denying blame. Im a retard who gave up. And fueled his prefognizant preconception. The cause of God's unjustifiable, unsubstantiated beluefs of me seem to be substantiated. He caused his own beliefs. Delusions. By letting his beliefs take control over the way he did things. He forced me and compelled me into these thoughts. Thoughts that just occur.
That somehow sound scripted to a precooognizant and retrocausal actor.
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2021.09.20 05:03 autotldr Massive clean energy bill becomes law, investing billions in renewable, nuclear sectors

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot)

Gov. JB Pritzker was joined by environmental and social justice activists, union representatives, and lawmakers from both parties Wednesday as he signed into law a sweeping energy regulation overhaul that aims to phase out carbon emissions from the energy sector by 2045 while diversifying the renewable energy workforce.
The governor mentioned Hurricane Ida's destruction to the South and fires at the Boundary Waters wilderness area in Minnesota, describing the energy bill, Senate Bill 2408, as "The most significant step Illinois has taken in a generation toward a reliable, renewable, affordable and clean energy future."
Landmark clean energy legislation passes Senate; Pritzker pledges to sign bill into law.
Specifically, the bill forces fossil fuel plants offline between 2030 and 2045, depending on the source and carbon emissions level, although the Illinois Commerce Commission, Illinois Power Agency and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency would have the authority to alter plant closure timelines in order to ensure energy grid reliability.
Estimates for the cost of the bill have ranged from $3 to $4 monthly added to ratepayer bills according to the Citizens Utility Board, to $15 according to the senior advocacy group AARP. In terms of percentages, bill sponsor Sen. Michael Hastings, D-Frankfort, said residential electric bills would increase by about 3-4 percent, commercial bills by about 5-6 percent, and industrial bills by about 7-8 percent.
Equity advocates said the law sets Illinois apart from other states by creating a $180 million annual investment in clean energy workforce diversification programs, as well as training programs aimed at providing the fossil fuel workforce with inroads into renewable energy.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: bill#1 energy#2 Illinois#3 plant#4 renewable#5
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