2021.12.08 09:38 CVEreport CVE-2021-42760

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2021.12.08 09:38 Ill_Performance_2984 Found this in a corner in my basement (UK). Strange soft mound. When poked little brown insects come out.

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2021.12.08 09:38 NewsElfForEnterprise Microsoft updates OneDrive for faster syncing on Apple M1 Macs and Windows on Arm

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2021.12.08 09:38 BelcanBlack Fit for an autopsy - In shadows. This one is the most disgusting out of the 3 new singles, but is it better? Idk, I loved playing it, that's what I know for sure ;)

Fit for an autopsy - In shadows. This one is the most disgusting out of the 3 new singles, but is it better? Idk, I loved playing it, that's what I know for sure ;) submitted by BelcanBlack to Deathcore [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 09:38 CVEreport CVE-2021-41029

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2021.12.08 09:38 FantasticMagicalNote Got caught sneaking out by my gfs dad

The title basically, currently walking home rn, this will probably be the end of our relationship, we have got caught before and he was mad, she said he would send her to Arizona if it does and I believe her tbh, idk what will happen this time, tomorrow morning I’m gonna tell my mom, wish me luck
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2021.12.08 09:38 MaleficentPlum7488 Friends or more than friends?

TDLR: I’m in love with a girl (17f) who happens to be a close friend. Don’t know how she feels and if I should talk to her about I feel. I’m (18m)
Earlier this year I met the most amazing beautiful woman I have ever know. Soon after getting to know her I quickly developed feeling for her. At the time when I had told he how I felt she felt the same way. Things were great we were together for a month. Things didn’t get super serious she wanted to take things slow so I let her take the lead. After things were going well she told me that she wasn’t ready to take things to the next level and I made the huge mistake of letting her get away. She ended up with someone else which upset me a lot because I knew it could’ve been different. We remained friends but drifted apart until recently she comes back into my life and as soon as that happened I instantly fell for her all over again. When she came back into my life I found it hard to determine what she was looking for. She was with her boyfriend still but she would always tell me how when we were hanging out she didn’t want him around. We also have some of the same friends. They tell me she goes onto them about he can be really controlling and manipulative but she refuses to talk to me about it. Recently her close family member got very sick. Throughout that time I chose to be there for her in any way I can. She really leaned on me and would be messaging me late at night when she couldn’t sleep. She also hasn’t seen her boyfriend for 2 weeks and has seen more of me than she has of him. She always seems to want to be around me.
I don’t know what to make of all this. I don’t think now is a good time to tell her how I feel with what she’s going through but I’m still undecided if I should at all. What do y’all make of this .
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2021.12.08 09:38 koji_wada Who is the worst player in the top 100?

Always hear people discussing who the best player is, I'm curious who people think is the worst.
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2021.12.08 09:38 Bigtatertotter GEICO 500 NASCAR Cup Series - Lincoln, Alabama

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2021.12.08 09:38 CVEreport CVE-2021-43067

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2021.12.08 09:38 jonfon74 Returning player : USS Fulcrum Fleet Temporal Sci vessal (Nautilus)

Hi all
So I've come back to STO after 2/3 years off. My main character normally flies a Jemmie Vanguard Carrier specced to Exotic SciTorp + Pets. To celebrate coming back I upgraded myself with Spore Infused Anomolies.
So that led me to the other ships I have. While I have the Eternal honestly I have more fun flying this little bugger instead. Not sure why, something to do with the seating maybe. Anyway here's the latest build.
Looking for a little feedback, specifically on Bridge Crew and if I could rejig things a little better. One thing (according to ingame tooltips) is that I don't seem to have anything to trigger Control Amplification. Wiki says Grav Well will trigger it but ingame there's no tooltip saying it does. So should I take something else to work as a Control Amp trigger?
Also with the Temporal set 3 set bonus I'm not sure if I currently have anything which would trigger it.
Other feedback welcome too of course.
Captain Details

Captain Name     
Captain Career  Engineering   
Captain Faction  Federation   
Captain Race  Alien   
Primary Specialization  Temporal   
Secondary Specialization  Strategist   
Space Skill Tree
Rank  Engineering    Science    Tactical   
Lieutenant  Advanced Hull Restoration    Shield Restoration      Advanced Projectile Weapon Training 
Lt. Commander  Electro-Plasma System Flow  Advanced Impulse Expertise  Improved Control Expertise  Improved Drain Expertise     
  Full Impulse Energy Shunt    Control Amplification  Drain Infection     
Commander  Hull Plating      Advanced Shield Hardness  Advanced Weapon Amplification   
  Energized Hull Plating           
  Ablative Hull Plating           
Captain  Defensive Subsystem Tuning  Offensive Subsystem Tuning  Advanced Exotic Particle Generator       
  Shield Subsystem Performance           
  Auxiliary Subsystem Performance  Engine Subsystem Performance         
Admiral    Advanced Engineering Readiness  Shield Mastery  Advanced Scientific Readiness  Coordination Protocols   
      Shield Absorption       
      Shield Reflection    Offensive Coordination   
0 Points Left  19    19     
Space Skill Unlocks
Purchases  Engineering  Science  Tactical 
Emergency Power to Shields III  Engineering Team III  Directed Energy Modulation III 
Hangar Health  Transwarp Cooldown Reductions   
Emergency Power to Engines III  Auxiliary Power to the Emergency Battery III  Eject Warp Plasma III 
10  Maximum Hull Capacity  Maximum Shield Capacity   
12  Emergency Power to Weapons III  Auxiliary Power to Structural Integrity Field III   
15  Shield Subsystem Power  Control Resistance   
17  Emergency Power to Auxiliary III  Auxiliary Power to Inertial Dampers III   
Ship Loadout: Fleet Nautilus Temporal Science Vessel
Slot  Item  Notes 
Fore Weapon 1  Gravimetric Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk XV [Ac/Dm][Dmg]x4 Epic   
Fore Weapon 2  Particle Emission Plasma (Projectile) Torpedo Launcher Mk XV [Ac/Dm][CrtD][CrtH]x2[Dmg]x2 Epic   
Fore Weapon 3  Terran Task Force Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk XV [CrtD][Dmg][Proc] Very Rare  Terran Task Force 1/3 
  Romulan Hyper-Plasma Plasma (Projectile) Torpedo Launcher Mk XV [Dmg]x3 Very Rare   
Aft Weapon 1  Terran Task Force Phaser Beam Array Mk XV [CrtD][Dmg]x2[Proc] Very Rare  Terran Task Force 2/3 
Aft Weapon 2  Chronometric Polaron Omni-Directional Beam Array Mk XV [Acc][Arc][Dmg] Very Rare  Chronometric Calculations 1/2 
Aft Weapon 3  Neutronic Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XV [CrtD][CrtH]x2 Very Rare  Delta Operations 1/2 
Deflector  Temporal Defense Initiative Deflector Array Mk XV Very Rare  Temporal Defense 1/3 
Secondary Deflector  Strategic Deteriorating Secondary Deflector Mk XV [CtrlX]x2[EPG][SA +Dmg][EPG/ShdHeal] Epic   
Impulse Engines  Temporal Defense Initiative Combat Impulse Engines Mk XIV [Spd] Very Rare  Temporal Defense 2/3 
Warp Core  Temporal Defense Initiative Overcharged Warp Core Mk XV Very Rare  Temporal Defense 3/3 
Shields  Iconian Resistance Resilient Shield Array Mk XV [Cap]x2 Very Rare   
2 Engineering Consoles  Boronite Laced Weaponry Mk XV Ultra Rare  Control and EPG. Plus blobs of extra damage on torps 
  Ferrofluid Hydraulic Assembly Mk XV Very Rare  Terran Task Force 3/3. Faster torp shared cooldown 
5 Science Consoles  Restorative Particle Focuser [CtrlX] [EPG] Mk XV Epic   
  Restorative Particle Focuser [CtrlX] [EPG] Mk XV Ultra Rare   
  Restorative Particle Focuser [CtrlX] [EPG] Mk XV Ultra Rare   
  Temporally Shielded Datacore Mk XV Very Rare   
  Restorative Particle Focuser [CtrlX] [EPG] Mk XV Ultra Rare   
4 Tactical Consoles  Constriction Anchor Mk XV Epic   
  Delphic Tear Generator Mk XV Epic   
  Chronometric Capacitor Mk XV Very Rare  Chronometric Calculations 2/2 
  Bio-Neural Gel Pack Mk XV Epic  Delta Operations 2/2 
0 Hangar Bays  Elite Vanguard Gunboat   
  Elite Vanguard Gunboat   
Officer Details
Bridge Officers  Power  Notes 
Commander Science-Temporal  Hazard Emitters I    
  Tyken's Rift I    
  Destabilizing Resonance Beam II    
  Gravity Well III   Procs Spore Infused Anomolies. 
Lt. Commander Universal  Structural Analysis I    
  Charged Particle Burst I    
  Subspace Vortex III   Procs Spore Infused Anomolies. 
Lt. Commander Tactical  Torpedo: Spread I    
  | Torpedo: Spread III   |     |   |   Lieutenant Engineering-Temporal  | Channeled Deconstruction I   | Procs Exotic Modulation    | Chronometric Inversion Field I   | Procs Exotic Modulation    |   |   Ensign Tactical  | Tactical Team I   | Procs turnspeed    |   |  
Traits & Duty Officers
Trait  Name  Description  Notes 
Personal Traits  Superior Astrophysicist  +15 Exotic Particle Generator (Improves Exotic Damage) +15 Drain Expertise (Improves Shield Drain & Energy Drain / Resistance to Same) +15 Starship Perception (Improves Defection of Cloaked Ships)   
  Psychological Warfare  +20% Bonus Control Ability Effectiveness   
  Ablative Shell  After receiving a total of 10,000 Damage (pre-resist), trigger Ablative Shell: +X Hit Points every 0.5 sec for 3 sec, +33 All Damage Resistance Rating for 3 sec, May only trigger once per 30 sec   
  Hive Defenses    More pets. Not hugely effective but they look cool 
  Wing Commander  +100% Rank Up XP for all Hangar Pets (This reduces the total time it takes to reach Rank 5 by half.)   
  Particle Manipulator  Gain .2% Critical Chance and .1% Critical Severity for Exotic Damage abilities, per point you have in the Starship Exotic Particle Generator skill. The Critical Chance bonus gained from this Trait is capped at +50% (attained by having 250 Particle Generators skill), but there is no cap on the Critical Severity bonus. +% Critical Hit Chance for Exotic Damage Abilities +% Critical Hit Severity for Exotic Damage Abilities   
  Fleet Coordinator  +2% All Damage per Team member (Self included), up to 10%   
  Grace Under Fire  If you take more than 20% of your hitpoints in damage within a 5 second period, the cooldown on Miraculous Repairs is reset. This trait will only trigger when Miraculous Repairs is already on cooldown, and can only trigger once every 90 seconds.   
  Terran Targeting Systems    Better crit severity for exotic crits (I think) 
Starship Traits  Exotic Modulation  C-store   
  Spore Infused Anomolies    Adds extra damage to Grav Well, Subspace Vortex & Ionic Disturbance. Quite a lot of extra damage 
  Honored Dead  Low Budget   
  Improved Gravity Well  C-store   
  Ceaseless Momentum  Low Budget   
Space Reputation Traits  Auxiliary Power Configuration - Offense  In space combat you gain a damage and accuracy boost based on your Auxiliary Power Level   
  Particle Generator Amplifier  Bonus Exotic Damage   
  Torpedo Astrometric Synergy  Using a Torpedo Bridge Officer ability reduces Science Bridge Officer recharge times.   
  Chrono-Capacitor Array  7.5% Bridge officer Cooldown reduction   
  Advanced Targeting Systems  Slightly increases critical severity in space combat   
Active Reputation Traits  Quantum Singularity Manipulation  Drastically increases all space Science Stats for a short time. After a few seconds, your ship will also be cloaked for the remaining duration of the power. You may fire your weapons and use abilities normally without breaking the cloak. This cloak does not bring your shields offline.   
  Anti-Time Entanglement Singularity  Anti-Time Entanglement Singularity creates an Anti-Time anomaly in the target's immediate vicinity. The singularity causes severe Physical damage to foes caught within while slowing and potentially locking them in place as normal space-time violently interacts with the anomaly. This singularity rapidly shrinks in size until it fully dissipates.   
  Bio-Molecular Shield Generator  Bio-Molecular Shield Generator creates a fixed position shield generator, in space combat, that regenerates starship shields and reduces the damage taken by starship shields for allies in the immediate area.   
  Deploy Sensor Interference Platform  Deploy a Sensor Interference Platform which redirects most weapons fire to itself. The platform generates an inhibiting feedback pulse around nearby allied vessels, reducing the damage of enemies who attack targets other than the platform.   
Duty Officers  Projectile Weapons Officer  Chance to reduce the time to recharge torpedoes   
  Projectile Weapons Officer  Chance to reduce the time to recharge torpedoes   
  Deflector Officer  Chance to reduce the recharge time for Deflector abilities   
  Deflector Officer  Chance to reduce the recharge time for Deflector abilities   
  Flight Deck Officer  Increase carrier pet Damage while in Escort Mode  Holdover from main ship (Jemmy vanguard carrier). Be nice to replace with a Deflector Officer 
  Gravimetric Scientist  Chance to create an aftershock Gravity Well  Not parsing much damage. Still useful for "keep things bunched up" 
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2021.12.08 09:38 Terrony Any carriers worth switching from cricket?

Hello guys! I am looking to switch away from cricket but don't really want to pay extra than I'm currently paying right now. I've did some research here and there but to no avail.
Basically, I want to switch carriers because of the whole 3G fiasco and cricket not allowing certain Android phones on their service which is BS. We are customers so we should be able to choose what phone we want to use (I'm an Android fan).
Currently we are paying $80/4 lines, 10GB data, since we are on a grandfathered plan. I don't think we can find a better deal than this. I just want the ability to use what phone I want. I don't like iPhones at all but I might bite the bullet since they are the safe bet to work on all carriers..
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2021.12.08 09:38 drrkorby I would like to see a “Lower Decks: Voyager” just to hear all the shit talk from the crew about Janeway and Chakote.

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2021.12.08 09:38 CVEreport CVE-2021-42757

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2021.12.08 09:38 shi7eish120 Katiana Kay lucky for the guy with the woods!!!

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2021.12.08 09:38 lugia1572 New Coffee biscuit substitute?

Sorry if this has been asked a bunch already, I've been trying to avoid the sub for spoiler reasons. Just working out which craftegatherers I should be be leveling up first and was wondering what the new best turns were
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2021.12.08 09:38 natural_locality If everyone talks about how bad driving/parking is in NYC and how you don’t really need a car, what about celebrities that live in the city?

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2021.12.08 09:38 jamie25974 Gearing up for endgame

Hey all,
Just finished endwalker and unsure where to buy 90 gear or hand in the new tombstones?
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2021.12.08 09:38 Latvian2111 Deathcam changes?

Death cam should be replaced by a simple marker from which direction you've been killed. A camera should just follow where your eyes are looking. (Imagine getting hit by 50 cal and getting on a carousel)
Also, there would be great if Silencers or headshots would disable death cam, that would be awesome!! Imagine how hardly snipers will try to hit you in the head, and they will miss. Please remember that headshots are difficult in Sandstorm.
Too many dead souls seeing your position (too exact position) which is unrealistic. I see these propositions as a compromise.
View Poll
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2021.12.08 09:38 Slendy00880 I saw this meme on bilibili so I made a right version of it.

I saw this meme on bilibili so I made a right version of it. submitted by Slendy00880 to gachimuchi [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 09:38 380539 Disappearing weapon settings

Hey guys Does anyone also experience constant resetting of your loadouts? Especially after u unlock new scopes etc?
Im playing on ps5 and this makes me furious
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2021.12.08 09:38 force_ken47 Anyone know the name of the song played here at about 2:16?

Anyone know the name of the song played here at about 2:16? submitted by force_ken47 to Accordion [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 09:38 Carl826 Enemies with Benefits scenario glitch?

I have not gotten very far into the scenario and only made them hate each other more with the little interaction that I did. I thought they could play on the swings together and that would help the relationship go up. I went to travel to a park but one of them didn't want to come because they're enemies. Not a big deal I can just send them to the park once I get there. The second I arrived at the park it said scenario completed. Anybody else have a glitch with this one?
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2021.12.08 09:38 UTFO Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes team ends deal with Grenfell firm

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2021.12.08 09:38 SonOfBoreas Dream's rendering of the opening lyric of In A Week :)

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